Saturday, July 19, 2014

It Wasn't Raining Five Years Ago

I know that because five years ago, I sat outside at a local park, enjoying a free concert on a beautiful Sunday evening.  Jeff watched Josiah, David, and Tobin as they played on the playground (well, Tobin was so little that he probably didn't do much playing); and I sat down, grateful to take a heavy load off my feet, feeling within me the kicks and punches of our fourth child as I listened to fun, happy live music.  We didn't yet know that the baby was a boy, but we did know that we'd passed the due date already and could be meeting our child face to face at any time.  That concert in the park was the very last thing I had penciled into our schedule for that July; and when I did, I had thought, "Surely I won't still be pregnant for that.  In fact, it's highly likely I won't even get to go to that concert at all!  But just in case, if for some strange reason I haven't yet given birth, it would be nice to be at that concert."  :)

The next morning at 5:55, while I was still sleeping in bed, my water broke; and not too many hours later, we discovered with great joy that our fourth child was a son, and that God had given us our Shav!!

Tonight, I listen to the rain on the roof, I quietly walk into Shav's room to watch him sleep, and I marvel at the wondrous five years we've been blessed to enjoy that treasure of a boy.  What a gift he is!
~ Tobin, Shav, & I tonight, right before bedtime stories and goodnight hugs


sally said...

This is a great picture of you three, and you, Davene, look especially happy!

Miriam said...

Goodness, Tobin (he's the one on the left, right?) looks so much like your dad!! What a great picture. :)