Thursday, April 24, 2014

The View

Two evenings ago, we saw a rainbow.
 Tobin, who had finished eating supper quickly that evening and then had gone out to jump on the trampoline, spotted it first, and came bursting into the house, exclaiming loudly that we needed to come see this rainbow.  So we got up from our seats at the table and went to take a look.
I don't think it's visible at all in these pictures, but it was actually a double rainbow.  I'm not nearly skillful enough with a camera to be able to capture that faint second row of color though.

No matter how old I get and no matter how often I see rainbows, I never quite get over the wonder and beauty of them.  What a view!


Yesterday morning, I glanced out our front window and was struck by the serenity of this scene.
 It all speaks peace and loveliness to me: the grass which is now green (after a long winter of brown), a horse and buggy stopped by our neighbors' house, the mountains and sky--both blue--beyond.
No matter how old I get and no matter how often I see horse and buggies, I never quite get over the novelty and beauty of them.  What a view!


Two mornings ago, I walked into the living room from the kitchen and saw this.
 Tobin and Moriah, snuggling under a quilt that Grandma Fisher made.  They've both grown so much since this, but the love they share is even stronger than in those early days.
 Then David, not to be left out, wanted a turn.  :)

No matter how old I get and no matter how often I see my kids being affectionate together, I never quite get over the preciousness and beauty of it.  What a view!


On Easter afternoon, when Moriah finally got to take a nap, I went to check on her after quite a while had gone been and discovered she was still sleeping.

No matter how old I get and no matter how often I see my children sleeping, I never quite get over the sweetness and beauty of it.  What a view!  :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

How to Turn Nine

You might want to start by playing Parcheesi with your older brother, while still wearing your warm, cuddly pajamas.

 After a while, you might think it a great idea to go outside and play soccer with all your brothers for a while.

 When your mother gets ready to make your birthday cake, of course you want to help her do that!

 Then at long last, when your dad finally comes home from work and suppertime arrives (a feast of turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon, and cranberry salad--what is this? Thanksgiving?) ;-), you get to open your cards and gifts.
And what do you get when you turn nine?
 Maybe some homemade cards from your brothers, who raided their own banks to give you some of their money.

 (As an aside, I'll mention that something really funny had happened or been said, and all of us cracked up.  I wish I could remember now what it was!)
 You also get a birthday card and Walmart gift card sent from your grandma in far-off California--always an eagerly anticipated and much appreciated gift.  :)

 And a card that plays music from your parents.
 And a new VeggieTales movie.

And silly glasses, especially given with the hope that you'll wear them when you do another Joke-of-the-Day series for your blog.

 (Another aside: watch Moriah in the next series of pictures.  She sees those glasses, decides she wants them, and goes for them.)  :)

And you might receive a water gun, perfect for ambushing your dad (I mean, must be for the brothers, right?) ;-) when it gets hot this summer.

And The Action Bible with accompanying CD.

 And your very first pair of roller blades.

 And the next book in the Imagination Station series that you've been collecting.

 (Yet another aside: I love how dramatic David's facial expressions are.)  :)

 And a Star Wars game that you've been wanting FOREVER (more on that in a second).

 And then your dad brings down the last gift...
 ...a pogo stick!

 With all the excitement over the gifts, you might almost have forgotten another important part of turning nine...
 ...the cake.
 Chocolate, of course...and topped with icing that happens to be your favorite color.
After you finish eating a big piece of cake and wipe the crumbs from your mouth, you (eagerly? patiently?) wait while your dad gets the Star Wars game set up...
 ...a game which actually uses a sensor that measures your brain waves and communicates with a little machine to raise a ball in the air...
 ...all without you touching it.
 IT'S SO COOL.  :)
 Now you're practically a real live Jedi, since you now know how to use the Force.  ;-)

 (Last aside: watch Moriah again in this next set of pictures.  Oh my, she cracks me up.)  :)

 The Star Wars thing is so awesome that the next evening after supper, your grandpa has to try it out, too.
 Turns out he knows how to use the Force, too.
 Impressive.  ;-)
And, if you're a certain beloved boy that I happen to know, THAT is how you turn nine.  :)