Thursday, April 17, 2014

You Only Turn Nine Once...

...and today was the big once-in-a-lifetime day for my beloved David.  :)
I'll do a much longer birthday post (hopefully) soon; but for tonight, I just wanted to mention that there's a very happy NINE-year-old asleep upstairs right now.
 He brings so much joy to our family, and it's always a pleasure when we can reflect some of that joy back on him.  :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

When Sheryl Says "Jump"...

...I say, "How high?"

And when she says, "I need a picture of Jed," I say, "Yes, ma'am.  Right away, ma'am."  ;-)

Actually, Sheryl is one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet; and I love her dearly.  So when she posted on my Facebook wall recently that she needed a picture hug from Jed, I was thrilled to be able to provide that for her.  Tonight, as soon as Shav, Moriah, and I walked in the door from doing some last-minute birthday shopping for David, I set the camera up on the mantle, put it on the delayed setting, and sat down to pet Jed and get in the picture.  This is the result, and it totally makes me laugh because nobody really knew what I was doing, so it just captures life.  A very ordinary moment in which we're just being us!  :)
 Then the boys knew what was up, and they wanted to be in on the fun.  :)

 So, dear Sheryl, here are the pictures you asked for.
Consider yourself hugged.  :)

And feel free to ask anything in the future, should any other requests come to mind!  :)

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday {The Coziest Spot in the Afternoons}

Warm afternoon sunlight flooding through the window onto David's bed = I want to be a cat and curl up in it.  :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mondays Are for...

...fresh starts, for taking a deep breath and diving in with enthusiasm to a brand new week.  They're for starting over, and for aiming a little higher, and hoping for a little more success.  And goodness, after the challenging last week I've had (good challenges=the pair of violin recitals I accompanied, hard challenges=the lingering coughs and aches and fatigue that affected nearly every member of our family at some point during the week), was I ever ready to hit the reset button today!

For me, that reset button looked like doing several loads of laundry, washing ALL the dirty dishes, opening a history book to read to the boys about the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression, cleaning Moriah's room, cooking a real meal for supper (venison and gravy over rice, peas, fruit salad), and making sure all the kids had baths or showers tonight.  Normal stuff, but somewhat neglected during the busy days of late.

That reset button also meant taking the time to dig some kernels of life-giving truth out of the Bible--in this case, it was Proverbs 3:7-8 and 4:20-23 that breathed new strength into my spirit.  After a week of lingering sickness, what could be better than reading about what "will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones"?  :)

I'm almost always fond of Mondays, but this week I felt even more grateful than I usually do.  Thanks, God, for this chance to begin again!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

When Pictures Only Tell Half the Story

If I were to post these pictures from David's violin recital last evening...

...the recital in which he played beautifully Gavotte from "Mignon"...
...and I accompanied him (and some other students)...
...and his wonderful teacher Megan was there to listen and give encouragement...

...if I were to post these pictures and leave it at that, you might think, "Well, I guess things are still going swimmingly in the Fisher household.  Don't they ever have any problems?  It's just happy, happy, joy, joy all the time for their family!"

Of course you'd be wrong.

In this particular case, the story these pictures don't tell is that we've had a week of sickness - again - and in fact, Josiah was supposed to play in this particular recital, but was feeling so poorly that he did not.  These pictures don't show the germs that circled around and hit almost all of us (except Jeff), afflicting us with random fevers, achiness, sore throats, and coughs.  Most of all, the pictures don't give you an indication as to my mental state of being--the one that is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I'm too exhausted and it feels like too much work to write much more about all of this, but I'll just mention two things.  First, about five years ago, we had a winter (but it's not winter any more, is it?) like this one in which we seemed to go from one set of germs to the next with days of perfect health being few and far between.  I'm glad every winter isn't like this, and I'm exceedingly grateful that none of these illnesses have been serious, but still...

Second, rather than describe all the details of the difficulties of this week, suffice it to say that at some point, all I could think, "Life is hard.  Life is just really hard."

And then I kick myself because I realize that what seems hard to me would be a piece of CAKE for most of the people on this big, beautiful earth.

But you know what?

It still feels hard to me.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(Not Quite) Wordless Wednesday {Two Years of Delight!}

From this... this.
And from this... this.
What a difference two years makes!  :)

  We call her doll Petunia, but her full name is Polka Dot Petunia.  :)

 Our only official gift for Moriah's birthday was a new net for the trampoline (since our old one had torn badly, making it unsafe for Moriah to be on the trampoline).  But Jeff came home from town this morning with an extra little gift for her: this adorable white hat...
 ...just because he likes the way she looks in hats.  :)

 I made an angel food cake for her, which, if I'm allowed to say so, tasted delicious.  But I have no idea how to make an angel food cake look appealing in a photograph!

 Homemade peach sauce on top makes angel food cake even more decadent.  :)

My dearest Moriah, you have been a GIFT to us these past two years - a continual reminder of God's lovingkindness.  We love you more and more every day and will love you forever.

Happy second birthday to our darling little girl!!  :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Because Life Is Busy... busy right now, with a couple of recitals to accompany this coming weekend (I love doing this!), and a couple of practice sessions tomorrow and the next day to meet with the soloists to prepare for this, and a sweet little girl's 2nd birthday coming up in just 2 days, and books about World War II to read to the boys, and math and handwriting pages to watch a certain 6-year-old complete, and laundry, and cooking, and a bit of cleaning (what's that?) ;-)...

...because life is busy, here is a quick post... show you the entertainment that David spontaneously provides (zest pours forth from that boy!)...

...and also, whoever heard of a castanets concert?...  :)
...and to show you some sweet working-together moments between David and Moriah (my favorite part is when they're all done putting away the silverware--not shown in this little clip--and David always turns to her to give her a high-five and says with a big grin, "You're still the Employee of the Month!"--it MELTS me on the spot)  :)...
...and to show you how the younger kids reinvented this big bouncy thing YET AGAIN.
And that is a little glimpse of life in this busy, happy, blessed household!  :)

Also, it appears that the boys in this household rarely wear shirts.  Well, at least the girl has one on.  That counts for something.  ;-)