Thursday, January 30, 2014

We Finally Found Something to Fight About :)

On our way home from a date a couple of weeks ago, we stopped to get gas; and when Jeff returned to the car from paying, he had a coffee cup in his hand.

"Want some?" he asked, as he handed me the cup.  "It's salted caramel something or other."

Hmmm...  That didn't even SOUND good to me.  I prefer to keep my salt where it belongs: on baked potatoes, in bean soup, on our icy sidewalk, etc.  ;-)

Eventually Jeff prevailed on me to take a sip.  Wow!  Was I ever in for a surprise!  It was fantastic!!  

Ever since then, we have found good excuses reasons to stop by that 7-11 on our way out of town, heading home--like yesterday when we were finishing up a violin lesson/library/errand run as a family.  "Want some coffee?" Jeff asked as we pulled up to the gas pump.

"Well," I hesitated, thinking I didn't really NEED the caffeine and we didn't really NEED to spend a couple bucks on it, "I guess not."  But then, hurriedly... "Are you getting any?  Because if you are, I can't stand to not have some!"  ;-)

He returned to the van holding a cup of steaming deliciousness...and wearing a smile on his face.

We always get one cup of it--never two (extravagance, you know!).  ;-)  And then we fight over it.  
OK, you know me better than that.  I bet I didn't fool any of you!  ;-)

We share the cup, with Jeff drinking his portion first while it is still hot (if he wants to burn his tongue, I won't stop him; but I'm not interested in scalding my flesh, even for a taste of this goodness!).  :)  I hold the cup while he's driving, because it's a good way to warm up my hands.  :)  And then, when it cools a little, I start drinking it--tentatively at first, because with that first sip, you just never know if you're going to burn your tastebuds off or not.  We pass the cup back and forth; but at some point, Jeff says, "You can have the rest."

I usually say, "Are you sure?"

I usually think, "Hooray!  All for me!!"  ;-)

In this cold, cold winter of 2014, salted caramel mochas from 7-11 have been a welcome splash of warmth.  And the fun of sharing it with my best friend makes it even better.  ;-)


Miriam said...

What a fun post. :) A few Kroger trips ago I splurged and bought a bottle of Chocolate Caramel Creamer. I wasn't *sure* I would like it, but it's the first chocolate-without-peppermint creamer I've seen this winter. It makes a luscious cup of coffee and I was a bit saddened this morning to realize that it will run out one of these days. I might have to look for salted caramel next!

Lynette said...

I thought the same thing about salted caramel. I don't like to mix my salts and sweets like ice cream and pretzels...yuck. But a friend brought us a bag of Ghiradelli chocolate squares from San Francisco.....the salted caramel are wonderful:-)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Salted caramel sounds really wonderful!